Safety of sunitinib in patients with renal cell carcinoma following nephrectomy

Expert opinion on drug safety, Jun 2020

L Heraudet , C Domblides , A Daste , F Lefort , JC Bernhard , A Ravaud, M Gross-Goupil

doi: 10.1080/14740338.2020.1774551


Introduction: The safety profile characteristics of sunitinib were evaluated in patients who underwent nephrectomy for kidney cancer.

Areas covered: In this literature review, safety data were evaluated from phase III trials investigating sunitinib following nephrectomy, either in the more recent adjuvant setting after nephrectomy or in the metastatic setting, with a focus on new data from the CARMENA and SURTIME trials. In particular, the aim was to determine the specificity of toxicity in the adjuvant setting.

Expert opinion: In the adjuvant setting, even if the toxicity profile of sunitinib does not differ significantly from that in the metastatic setting, the importance of the dose intensity and, thus, exposure has been emphasized. Consequently, as described mainly in the metastatic setting, management of the adverse effects of sunitinib remains critical.

Keywords: Sunitinib; adjuvant; clear cell carcinoma; metastatic; safety.