Oncology research in university hospitals must be dedicated to the transfer of results to the patients. To be competitive and innovative, this research must be organized around competent structures, hospitals authorized to treat cancer patients, universities and research units. This research must also be linked to the clinical routine to ensure results are effectively transferred to patients. Ultimately, research strategies must improve cancer management. Those principles are the basis of our hospitals strategy and the pillars of SIRIC BRIO.

BRIO is built on the complementary expertise of different partners:

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These various partners allow BRIO to implement research projects that aim at regrouping and organising on an integrated way on the same site the fundamental, clinical, epidemiological, public health and humand and social sciences research with the ultimate objective of transfering the research results to the patients in the form of new diagnostics, drugs, social or public health actions (prevention and screening). 21 research units or centers collaborate to these programmes.

Integrated Rsearch BRIO SIRIC

BRIO’s strategy is developed around a matricial structure made of 6 integrated research programmes and 7 strategic development axes. The objective of the axes is to strengthen the development of new activities required for translational research, to launch shared platforms and to federate research teams around commons themes. In addition to this matricial structure, BRIO supports emerging projects that will enhance the attractiveness of Bordeaux for talented researchers all over the world with the aim to develop Bordeaux attractivity for talented researchers.

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In order to fulfill its knowledge dissemination mission, BRIO has also built a programme for the transfer of research results to healthcare professionals, patients and public. This programme includes the creation of interfaces to improve the communication and interactions between various research areas as well as value the research through academic or industrial collaborations.

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