Breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer. It accounts for around 20% of all diagnosed cancer in women and more dramatically for nearly 15% of all deaths worldwide. In the last decade, the prognosis of breast cancer has dramatically improved thanks to earlier detection and better treatment. However, a subset of those cancers remains difficult to treat and the prognosis is still poor. A typical example is the 45% relapse rate at 5-year of triple negative breast cancer. BRIO wants to focus on those patients, where a neoadjuvant therapy is amenable, since improving their survival is the major unmet clinical need. BRIO aims to develop a network for the 5 million people in the Aquitaine and Limousin regions, focusing on patients whose tumour is suitable for neoadjuvant treatment and where classical treatment might not be optimal.


This research program is led by Prof. H. Bonnefoi and relies on the strengths of Bordeaux in the treatment of breast Cancer:

This program is not only focused on research but more generally on the improvement of patient care. BRIO’s key objectives are:

  • To implement neoadjuvant clinic within the Aquitaine and Limousin regions and to implement neoadjuvant treatment when appropriate
  • To identify new targets and to develop clinically useful predictive genomic tests and propose a stratification of the patient population for the implementation of neoadjuvant treatment
  • To assess the prevalence and severity of psychological distress in patients treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy in order to prioritize intervention targets as well as the efficacy of the psychological interventions for breast cancer patient.