à 11h Salle de conférences du Centre de Génomique Fonctionnelle de Bordeaux – site de Carreire zone sud, Université de Bordeaux

Timothy M. Thomson, Laboratory of Cell Signaling and Cancer – Institute for Molecular Biology Science Research Council (CSIC) Barcelona Science Park

Metabolic reprogramming underlies the fitness and growth advantage of cancer cells. Tumors contain heterogeneous populations of neoplastic cells that are reflected in heterogeneous metabolic networks. I will present our findings of differential metabolic networks in cells populations displaying CSC vs. non-CSC phenotypes using a clearcut dual-cell model. I will also present evidences that adaptive metabolic responses of cancer cells to the cell-cycle inhibitor palbociclib significantly overlap key metabolic profiles and regulatory networks of CSCs. Such metabolic adaptations represent actionable vulnerabilities that can be targeted in novel approaches for neoplastic subpopulation-directed therapies and to overcome acquired drug resistance

Contact : Andreas Bikfalvi, INSERM U1029