Modeling tumors niche




Application for screening of new therapeutic strategy

We specialise in the study of mechanisms regulating self-renewal, proliferation and commitment of normal and leukemic stem cells. We developed methods to maintain or amplify the compartment of hematopoietic stem cells as well as the maintenance and chemoresistance of leukemic stem cells. We capitalise on the Biospherix device allowing cell culture and manipulation at low 02 levels without oxygen variations to access the stem cell compartment. We developed in parallel competencies for immunomagnetic and flow cytometry isolation of primary cells, co-culture with stromal cells and adapted media to study stem cells in physiological hypoxia.

Infrastructure and equipment

L2 cell culture laboratory, hypoxia cell culture hood, inverted fluorescence microscope


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  • Pr P. Sbarba, Department of Pathology and Experimental Oncology, University of Firenze, Italia
  • Dr P De la Grange, Blood transfusion center, Bordeaux.
  • Dr J Ripoche, U1026 BioTis, University of Bordeaux.
  • Dr F Saltel, U1053 GREF, Bordeaux.
  • Dr H Bœuf, U5164 CIRID, Bordeaux.
U1035 INSERM, Biothérapie des Maladies Génétiques, Inflammatoires et Cancers (BMGIC)