Recruiting International leaders in oncology – Fondation ARC

The Fondation ARC is launching the 2021 edition of the call “Recruiting International Leaders in Oncology”.

The main purpose of this call is to bring a high-level researcher from abroad to set-up a research team in a French structure, and implement a high quality and ambitious research project in Oncology to increase France scientific contribution at the international level.

Projects must be in line with the Fondation’s scientific strategy for accelerating discoveries, developing new treatments, preventive and therapeutic approaches in the field of oncology.
This program is a collaborative effort between the Fondation ARC and the host institution, also in terms of financing of the newly created research groups reflecting the commitment of the host institution towards integration of the new group into its core research program.

Fondation ARC will allocate up to 1.5 million euros over five years to support the installation of a researcher and his/her team in 2021.

You’ll find more information on the web page: www.fondation-arc.org/leaders-2021

Flyers for diffusion, text of the call and application files must be requested by email: leaders@fondation-arc.org.

Opening of the call: October 2020
Deadline for applications: March 15th 2021
Applicant auditions: May 2021
Notification of the results: June 2021

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