Humanities and Social Sciences

Cancer was considered until recently as an incurable disease. Nowadays, cancer can be cured or is treated as a chronic disease. As such, it is necessary to overcome the idea that treating cancer only relies on drugs focused strategies. Social, cultural and psychological factors affect the patient capacity to heal and recover. Therefore, working with those patient unique aspects will benefit from the treatment strategy and need to be considered carefully.


To promote this vision, BRIO wants to support Humanities and Social Sciences in cancer research. Our aim is to pool expertise in the different departments of psychology, sociology and anthropology at Bordeaux University and integrate appropriate elements to our research programs. The benefits of this integration will be to support patient management and access to care.

In this platform, our objectives are :

  • The identification of the all HSS researchers in Bordeaux working on the field of Oncology.
  • The creation of collaborations between researchers
  • The dissemination of research findings between researchers as well as the caregiver community and Bordeaux community.
  • To share knowledge, resources and tools.
  • The representation of HSS research within BRIO, allowing the promotion of issues around prevention, treatment, patient care and innovation.

BRIO wants to reinforce HSS research in Oncology to support specifically the clinical aspects of cancer treatment. A working group has been set up to promote HSS within the SIRIC BRIO.