On October 12- 14th, 2017, at station Ausone – Mollat, 8 rue de la Vieille Tour in Bordeaux.

Thursday, October 12th 2017, 4 conférences « Omics » in Molecular Pathology:
    Transcriptomic « Transcriptomics: inputs in pathology »
 –    Proteomic analysis by the Oncoprot technique
 –    Genomic interference by CrispR-Cas9

Friday, October 13th 2017, Translational Research mixture of 6 conferences (20’) by « senior professor » and talk (10’) by young pathologists presenting their research/studies topics

Saturday, October 14th 2017, the morning: Histoseminar with practical cases at college campus Careire, in the Centre d’Apprentissage par la Lecture d’Image Numérique Scientifique (C.A.L.I.N.S.). The afternoon: visit of wine castle.


Béatrice Vergier, Head of the pathology department at CHU de Bordeaux : beatrice.vergier@chu-bordeaux.fr