14 novembre 2014, 9h-18h30, à l’Institut de Recherche contre le Cancer de Montpellier, Campus Val d’Aurelle, 208 rue des apothicaires, Montpellier

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Programme :

9h00 Workshop Opening: Marc Ychou, David Azria and André Pèlegrin, Montpellier, France
Radiotoxicity: Clinical context – Chairman: Mahmut Oszahin, Lausanne, Switzerland
9h20 Lecture: The importance of considering patients at risk of developing late side‐effects after curative intent radiotherapy – Catharine M.L. West, Manchester, UK
SESSION 1: DNA Damage – Chairmen : Claude Sardet and David Azria, Montpellier, France
10h10 Lecture: ‘Unexpected, new functions of BRCA1’ – David Livingston, Boston, US
11h Coffee‐Break
11h30 Genotoxic stress induced reprogramming of gene expression – Bijan Sobhian, Montpellier, France
12h00 Interplay between DNA damage tolerance and DNA damage response and its implications in the resistance to DNA damaging agents – Domenico Maiorano, Montpellier, France
12h30 Fanconi anemia proteins at the crossroads of DNA replication and co‐transcriptional processes – Angelos Constantinou, Montpellier, France

13h00 Lunch Buffet

SESSION 2: Immunological mechanisms of radiotoxicity – Chairmen : Céline Bourgier and Jean‐François Eliaou, Montpellier, France
14h15 Using local radiotherapy to induce systemic anti‐tumor immunity – Claire Vanpouille‐Box, NY, US
15h00 TRAIL/TNFSF10 is functionally and genetically associated with human T4EM‐lymphocyte radiosensitivity – Annette Schmitz, Paris, France
15h30 Long‐term side effects after radiotherapy and immunology: the key points – Jean‐François Eliaou, Montpellier, France

16h00 Coffee‐ Break

SESSION 3: Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and radiotherapy – Chairmen : François Paris, Nantes, and Guillaume Bossis, Montpellier, France
16h30 ROS and thyroid radiocarcinogenesis – Corinne Dupuy, Paris, France
17h00 Quantitative proteomic approach to identify hypersensitive patients to curative intent radiotherapy – Jérôme Lacombe, Montpellier, France
17h30 Autoimmunity, oxidative stress, and fibrosis – Philippe Guilpain, Montpellier, France
18h00 Redox control of the SUMO pathway in cancer – Guillaume Bossis, Montpellier, France
18h30 Closing Remarks: David Azria and André Pèlegrin, Montpellier, France