BRIO is the Integrated Cancer Research Site (SIRIC) of Bordeaux. It brings together on a single site multidisciplinary research teams working in synergy to produce new knowledge in oncology and accelerate their transfer to the benefit of patients.

BRIO’s strategy

BRIO is one of eight sites certified by the INCa (The French National Cancer Institute) for 2018-2022. This second certification period (a first certification covered 2013-2017) was attributed, among other things, thanks to its selection process of innovative research programmes. BRIO identified 27 international experts and submitted 9 interdisciplinary research programmes to them. Three programmes were selected:

3 Programs


Integrated Medicine for Sarcomas

for Sarcomas

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Programme foR Improved management of Elders with cancer

Programme foR Improved
of Elders with cancer

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Intercellular COMMUnication in CANcer biology and Therapy

Intercellular COMMUnication
in CANcer biology
and Therapy

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Through these programmes, BRIO brings together the skills of researchers from a wide range of fields who are involved, beyond biology, in cancer research:

Humanities and social sciences, public health, epidemiology, clinical, physical sciences, chemistry, mathematics, computer science…

BRIO was also distinguished for its strategy of bringing patients into its approach. Notably patients are included in his Trustees Committee and in its Dissemination and Mediation Committee to accompany BRIO in its management and its various activities. A collective called ASPERON & CO (Associations and patients committed to oncology research & professional community) was initiated in 2016. This group includes over 80 patients, former patients, caregivers, association volunteers and health and research professionals. Together, they imagine and carry out projects to improve collaboration and communication in cancer research. BRIO works with the ASPERON & CO collective to disseminate information on cancer research to patients and the general public.

BRIO participates in the structuring of the cancer research community in Bordeaux and Nouvelle-Aquitaine, namely the Oncosphere project.

To fulfill its integration, structuring and valorisation missions, BRIO benefits from the support and involvement of its supervisory bodies…

…and its partners :