BRIO is Bordeaux’s integrated cancer research site (SIRIC).

It connects multidisciplinary research teams on the same site, working in synergy to produce new knowledge in oncology and fast-track its transfer for the benefit of patients.

 3 Programs

BRIO is one of eight sites accredited by the French National Cancer Institute (INCa) for 2018-2022. This second accreditation was awarded to BRIO, among other things, for its innovative research programme selection process. Twenty-seven international experts were designated by BRIO and submitted with 9 multidisciplinary research programmes (designed by Bordeaux researchers). Following that process, three programmes were selected:


Integrated Medicine for Sarcomas

for Sarcomas

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Programme foR Improved management of Elders with cancer

Programme foR Improved
of Elders with cancer

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Intercellular COMMUnication in CANcer biology and Therapy

Intercellular COMMUnication
in CANcer biology
and Therapy

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Through those programmes, BRIO calls on the skills of researchers in a wide range of fields involved in the fight against cancer :

biology, epidemiology, clinical medicine, sociology, physical sciences, chemistry, psychology, computer science, philosophy, mathematics, etc.

A strong patient involvement

Beyond the three research programmes, BRIO wishes to give a more important place to patients in the research environment, convinced that this collaboration can lead to better overall cancer care. 

In 2016, a collective, ASPERON & Co (Associations and patients committed to research in oncology & professional community) was initiated to start connecting patients and scientists. Since then, the collective has co-constructed projects and events around themes chosen by the community.

Associations and patients committed to oncology research & professional community

(Associations et patients engagés pour la recherche en oncologie et communauté professionnelle)

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