Academic and industrial partners

As part of its research activities, SIRIC BRIO is developing numerous partnerships with academic and industrial teams on themes of interest for the medical and scientific community, enhancing Bordeaux expertise at all levels of the research value chain (pre-clinical and clinical research, start-ups, epidemiological and post-marketing studies, real world data, etc.).

The multidisciplinary nature of the research teams as well as the funding obtained from the French National Cancer Institute (INCa), Inserm (French Institute of Health and Medical Research) and DGOS (French General Directorate for Healthcare Provision) are major strengths for running our collaborative programmes smoothly. BRIO brings together experts working from a wide range of cancer research fields: oncologists, surgeons, anatomical pathologists, radiologists and radiotherapists, basic researchers in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, human and social sciences, and philosophy, etc.

SIRIC funding makes it possible to initiate various innovative research projects, which can subsequently be developed by setting up strategic joint initiatives with academic or industrial partners whose skills and expertise complement those of local teams.

Our academic partners

BRIO has already established several joint initiatives in clinical and basic research with expert oncology centres. As such, we collaborate with the other SIRICs and several academic partners in a variety of ways:

  • Clinical research partnerships to carry out trials or implement clinical-biological databases (geriatric oncology, sarcomas, glioblastomas, urological cancers, etc.).

The UroCCR biological collection and database created by Prof. Jean-Christophe Bernhard (urological surgeon at Bordeaux University Hospital) is a key clinical-biological database for all the translational research projects in onco-urology and included in the COMMUCAN programme.

  • Basic and translational research projects (Nouvelle-Aquitaine oncology network, Cancéropôle Grand Sud-Ouest, European consortiums, national networks such as the sarcoma or geriatric oncology network).

A joint initiative in translational research was set up between the Bordeaux teams and the Montpellier SIRIC on the topic of colon cancer using the Montpellier clinical-biological database.

Research staff mutualised between the Institut Gustave Roussy and Marseille/Bordeaux in Human and Social Sciences, partnership with the Cordeliers Research Centre (team led by Prof. Hervé Fridman and Catherine Sautès-Fridman) and Prof. Italiano’s early trials/sarcoma team.

Joint initiative with the Basque Country and Navarre within the ONCONAEN network (geriatric oncology).

  • Highlighting the Bordeaux platforms, combining technical expertise and clinical-biological know-how:


Immunology at the Bordeaux University Hospital (CHU)

Biopathology at Institut Bergonié

  • Local experts are invited for regional, national and international conferences. We also regularly invite local or national experts to uphold strong ties with French, European and international partners in cancer research.

Oncosphère conferences, interventions by SIRIC representatives from George-Pompidou European Hospital (HEGP), Lyon and Pitié-Salpétrière in “BRIGHT DAYS”, UroCCR Scientific Day, Early Trials Day at Institut Bergonié, etc.

Our industrial partners

BRIO and the Bordeaux cancer community work in close cooperation with many industrial partners. The complementary expertise between academic and industrial research is indeed a strength BRIO builds on to ensure the success of its collaborative programmes.

At the local level, we work closely with research/technology transfer units (SATT Nouvelle Aquitaine, INSERM Transfert, CNRS innovation, UNITEC, MATWIN, etc.). Several endogenic and exogenic start-ups have already joined our research programmes (TreeFrog, Oncoprot, Mypl, ImmusMol, CelloMet, etc).

We also work closely with pharmaceutical companies that provide access to industrial clinical trials in oncology for patients in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, help us co-develop innovative research programmes and boost the community by partnering up with us on many innovative translational research projects and events.

There are currently two industrial representatives on our international scientific board.

Consequently, BRIO offers companies :

  • a rich and multidisciplinary cancer research ecosystem bringing together a wide range of medical experts, scientists and start-ups in the health field
  • the possibility of carrying out co-development programmes for innovative molecules or setting up new treatment procedures in partnership with our local clinical research teams
  • clinical teams with a proven capacity for carrying out trials from the early phase to post-marketing studies (CHU and Institut Bergonié CLIP2 accreditation in March 2019, CLIP2 paediatrics accreditation, ISPED, etc.)
  • the possibility of collaborating to set up medical and scientific events to discuss the major issues that drive the cancer community as well as working on events for both the general public and patients, such as the ASPERON and Co evenings or the

Become a partner

The BRIO community is open to working with both industrial and academic partners on a whole range of projects. BRIO now groups together over 50 doctors, surgeons, anatomical pathologists, a hundred or so researchers, doctoral and post-doctoral students, state-of the-art platforms, start-ups and technological know-how. Our close relationships with universities and hospitals as well as major research entities such as Inserm, CEA or CNRS, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, the Cancéropôle GSO and research/technology transfer units…. are genuine advantages for bringing collaborative research projects to fruition with high added value for cancer patients.

Please feel free to contact the BRIO team directly. We will put you in touch with the researcher, doctor or platform you seek to collaborate with. A conference call or appointment will then be organised and you will be directed to the most relevant person for further discussion. What’s more, the fact that the BRIO team is very familiar with the cancer research network in Bordeaux is a definite asset.

For any setting up or possible partnership proposals, contact us:

Academic / Industrial Research Partnerships
Christelle LIARD

Partnerships on scientific events / patient partnership
 Nathalie CAPLET