POST-DOCTORAL POSITION in Immunology- Oncology
INSERM UMR1098 RIGHT – Graft/Tumor-Host Interaction – of Besançon

Description of Project:
The post-doctoral fellow will contribute to the project: “Development of transgenic TCR (tTCR) and
CAR-T cells in solid tumors and leukemia”
– Design and optimize constructions of third generation CAR-T cells and tTCR cells directed
against antigens expressed on leukemia cells or solid tumors.
– Implement analytical methods to characterize transgenic CAR-T and tTCR cells
– Determine and improve the efficiency and safety of genetically modified T cells in in-vitro
models ( spheroid models, organoids, …) and in preclincal in-vivo models (xenografts, PDX, etc)

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