BRIO was allocated a total of € 7,5 million over 5 years. The funding is coming from the INCa, INSERM and Ministry of Health.

Approximately 20% of this budget go to BRIO management activities (team, events, administrative support…)

The remaining 80% are used to support the programs and axes via additional human resources (researchers, PhDs, post-doctoral positions, Clinical Research Associates, Technicians…). The role of BRIO is not to fund projects but to foster the development in the long-term of new positions as well as new research units or platforms dedicated to the improvement of cancer research and ultimately patient care.

As such, BRIO is currently sponsoring 34 positions, all dedicated to integrated cancer research improvement.

Each year, a budget is established and approved by the Committee of Trustees. It can be re-evaluated during the year according to change of activities (new projects, grants).