SIRICS in France

SIRICs emerged from the action #1 of the 2009-2013 Cancer Plan to strengthen the resources dedicated to multidisciplinary research, and recommend a competitive policy label to ensure the organisation and management of interdisciplinary research and knowledge dissemination programmes.

Their ambition is to offer new operational resources to oncology research, to optimise and accelerate the production of knowledge and to favor its dissemination and application in cancer management.


SIRICs must regroup in one single site medical services, multidisciplinary research teams (clinical, biological, technological, epidemiological, economical, human and social sciences, public health) as well as optimized shared resources and services, which will allow the realization of research programmes in an integrated mode. This integration is defined by sharing questions and research objectives between the different disciplines in order to elaborate common synergetic programmes whose ultimate goal is to improve cancer management.

SIRICs also have a mission of knowledge dissemination which is the capacity to communicate research results and organize interfaces with healthcare professionals so that new knowledge can be transferred into practice and innovation immediately available to patients.

A first call for proposals was launched in July 2010 and 12 applications were submitted. After expert evaluation by an international committee composed of 19 experts and chaired by Pr James Armitage (Nebraska Medical center, USA), the National Cancer Institute (INCa) granted two SIRIC labels to Paris (Institut Curie) and Lyon (Groupement de coopération sanitaire (GCS ) « Lyon Cancérologie Universitaire », with their partners Centre Léon Bérard – Hospices civils de Lyon).

A second call for proposals was launched in July 2011. 6 projects were awarded with the SIRIC label Bordeaux, Lille, Marseille, Montpellier, Institut Gustave Roussy, and the second site in Paris, regrouping HEGP and Institut Cochin.

SIRICS are funded by the Ministry of Health, INCa and INSERM. The total funds available for these eight sites amount to 64 million Euros over 5 years.

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