Clinical Areas

Landscape of hospital sites

The Bordeaux metropolis has several private clinics for cancer patients, a University Hospital Center (CHU) and a Cancer Control Center (CLCC), the Institut Bergonié. These centers work together to ensure the best treatment for patients referred to these care facilities.

The Bordeaux University Hospital is spread over 3 sites in the city: the Pellegrin Hospital, the Saint-André Hospital and the Haut-Lévêque Hospital. Patients are referred to these different centers according to the pathology to be treated.

Cancer treatment represents 25% of the medical activity carried out in the various departments of the University Hospital Center. The departments (surgery, radiotherapy, medical oncology, radiology, biology, pathology …) collaborate to provide the best possible care for their patients. More recently, cancer structuring at the CHU has evolved into the creation of an integrated university cancer center, designed as a comprehensive oncology center, bringing together all staff members involved in care and research.

The Bergonié Institute, a center for the fight against cancer (CLCC), brings together a large number of oncology specialists with long experience in areas of interest for SIRIC. In addition, the expertise of the Bergonié Institute in cancer treatment has been recognized through multiple certifications, such as the reference center for sarcoma, clinical trial center CLIP² (Center INCa labeled Early Phases) and the UCOG Coordination Unit for Geriatric Oncology. In 2017, Institut Bergonié received the AFNOR (Quality Control of Research) label.

Some notable points on the specificities of Bordeaux

The Bordeaux health centers have particular expertise and national recognition in several fields in oncology, here are some examples:


Patients with sarcomas (soft tissue cancers) are mainly referred to the Bergonie Institute, sarcomas reference center. In 2018, 985 patients were seen in consultation, 186 of which were included in 36 studies.


Children under 18 are referred to the Bordeaux University Hospital. In 2018, 140 patients were treated in the pediatric oncology department, 80% of which were in protocols. 65 studies are currently open in the service.

Bordeaux, clinical research incubator

Access to innovative treatments allows the patient to benefit from the best possible care for his pathology. Several national systems exist in France to promote access to these treatments.

Since 2010, the INCa (The Frenche National Cancer Institute) has, for 5 years, accredited centers of excellence that can conduct early phase clinical trials: CLIP² centers.

These are investigative centers specializing in the early testing of new drugs from pharmaceutical laboratories, biotechnology companies, but also academic laboratories. They benefit from logistical and financial support from the Institute in order to reach the highest international level of quality in conducting early phase clinical trials.

For the period 2019-2024, the Institut Bergonié again obtained the CLIP² label coordinated by Professor Antoine Italiano. The early phase center in pediatric oncology at Bordeaux University Hospital coordinated by Dr. Stéphane Ducassou is also labeled.

This set forms the CLIP²: Cancer Innovation New Aquitaine (CIA).

The center of biological ressources

A CRB is a technical platform that manages the conservation of human biological samples to advance scientific and medical research. The one in Bordeaux is located in the Tondu building of the Pellegrin hospital group.

The main purpose of the multi-thematic CRB is to provide support to researchers wishing to establish collections of human biological samples in the context of research projects (clinical research, basic research, translational research, biotechnological research, etc.).

The tumor bank of Bordeaux University Hospital was created in 2003 thanks to DHOS / INCa funding. She is attached to the Department of Tumor Biology of the Bordeaux University Hospital (Pr JP Merlio).

It concerns the sampling of the Bordeaux University Hospital and the Aquitaine Region within the framework of the regional joint health tumor bank with the Bergonié Institute.

About 75% of solid “sanitary” freezings are stored in this structure. The premises and equipment of the tumor-tumor biology department are shared with the cell hematology department (Pr FX Mahon) to form the CHU site of the INCa platform for the molecular genetics of cancers.

In addition to conducting rapid health analysis, this allows for optimal management, technical qualification of samples, derivation of products (sections, nucleic acids, proteins), inclusion in clinical research protocols and sample distribution. characterized phenotypically and genetically.

The tumor biology department is located on the site of the CHU Haut-Lévêque.