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QuantaCell is a company specialized in image processing and complex data analysis. QuantaCell provides services to laboratories involved in new therapeutic strategies like anticancer therapies and is dedicated to image processing for : Cell cultures in 2D (end points and dynamics) as well as 3D, Histological slides and TMA (Tissues Micro Array).
QuantaCell offers solutions to evaluate the impact of new therapeutic strategies: as an example for anti-angiogenic  approaches QuantaCell proposes to track 2D cell culture during the formation of neo-vascularization and to  analyze their morphometry (length, shape, cell count per vessel). QuantaCell have available solutions to detect  automatically tumor neo-vascularization on histological slides with a good reproducibility.


  • Thanks to image processing for 2D/3D cell cultures and TMA:
  • Quantify expression level of therapeutic targets like enzymes involved in energy metabolism
  • Characterize tumor angiogenesis
  • Characterize localization of therapeutic targets like membrane receptors
  • Characterize dynamics of molecular targets like  microtubules,
  • Characterize cell proliferation, apoptosis using automatized solutions of cell counting, cell  tracking,  colony growing, as well as cell cycle.

Infrastructure and equipment

Software applications including image segmentation algorithms, image recognition for oncology and object tracking algorithms. Software for visualizating biological information linked to imaging data Software allowing fast annotation of the histological image Sharing platform dedicated to images and quantitative results (ISO:27001)


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