In Vivo Studies

Cancer is a very complex disease and research aims to understand and learn about its origin, progression, diagnostic and treatment.

souris_recherche in vivo

Because of biological similarities between animals and humans, in principle, animals can be useful models to study specific aspects of Cancer and the likely effects of medicines in humans. All existing Cancer treatments were developed via animal research to validate the scientific theory. Animals are used by researchers to study Cancer for a variety of reasons :

  • To discover new treatments to improve patient survival.
  • To investigate new technologies of disease detection/diagnostic: a Cancer treated at earlier stages is more likely to be cured, or at least to be associated with a better prognosis.
  • To understand the causes of apparition of various tumour types to develop new approaches in Cancer prevention.
  • To determine genetic and environmental risk factors to explain increased risks for developing Cancer, or lack of response to therapy, or to show increased susceptibility to treatment side effects.

Bordeaux University brings a thorough knowledge in animal research as well as established animal houses. BRIO supports the creation of a more dedicated research space on oncology to enhance the fundamental and clinical research. More specifically, BRIO aims to create a platform allowing a coherent and efficient use of animal with the medical imaging facilities and histopathological analyses. Medical Imaging is recognised as one of Bordeaux University strength (confirmed by the creation of the cluster of excellence “TRAIL” : Translational Research and Advanced Imaging Laboratory) and will contribute to enhance animal model data.
BRIO will respect and promote animal care regulations and aims to utilise animals within this program only when necessary.